About us

With a sound that is rooted in California country and classic songwriting, Richfield pulls from traditional American roots songwriters and blends together a sound that can only be described as classic. 

Richfield began in early 2001 as a solo project for singer/songwriter Ted Nunes. While attempting to record a solo album, Nunes enlisted the help of blues drummer Daniel Burt (Electric Grease, Mofo Party Band, Waddama), Bassist Kyle Oakes (Waddama, Trojan Country Club) and Keyboard player Mark Feaver (Straight up Sinners).

After playing a few shows together, Nunes decided to call the band Richfield. “We had a few band names and decided on Richfield. Daniel Burt’s father worked for the oil company Richfield and I thought it sounded like a pack of cigarettes.” Nunes explained. 

In 2008 Richfield took a hiatus from performing and writing and it wasn’t until 2012 when the members of Richfield found a renewed interest in the band. 

“I was looking for an outlet to write songs again and it was natural to look to the guys that I had been playing with most. We weren’t looking to play any shows. We only wanted to write and make records” 

It wasn’t long before doors began to open again for the Americana Rock group. 

Richfield continued to write and record in an attempt to further develop their sound. It wasn’t until late 2012 when Jordan Rosen, A jack of all trades musician from the hills of Corsegold Ca, joined the group on pedal steel when all the pieces fell into place. 

“It really feels like it completed our sound. We didn’t realize how much we were missing that piece until we all heard it for the first time.”

Richfield is currently in the studio recording what is to be their first official album release. The self-titled album will be released in 2013 along with a string of live performances.

The Band:

Ted Nunes – Guitar/Vocals
Kyle Oakes – Bass
Daniel Burt – Drums/Vocals
Mark Feaver – Organ/Piano/Rhodes
Micheal Monterio – Guitar
Jordan Rosen – Pedal Steel Guitar

Jordan Rosen – Pedal Steel/Vocals